Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Charlie Crow Dinosaur Tabard costume for kids, a winner in its category, Right Start Best Best Toy Awards 2012
Charlie Crow Pirate Bob costume a winner in its category, Right Start Best Best Toy Awards 2012

Charlie Crow are delighted to announce that we have two winning products in the Right Start Best Toy/ Best Baby Essentials Awards 2012.
As a winner in its category Charlie Crow is now in line for a highly prestigious Special Award. These will be announced by Right Start Magazine later in the year, at an awards ceremony in London on October 4, 2012

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

We are very pleased to announce our Top n Tails sets have won 2 major prices in the Right Start Best toy awards 2011

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Add Your Pictures to charliecrow.com

We'd like to thank James for sending us his drawing of himself in a lovely park wearing his Royal Guardsman fancy dress costume, thank you James! http://tinyurl.com/5rsghn7

Why not send us a drawing of yourself in your favourite Charlie Crow costume and we'll add it to our collection http://tinyurl.com/628b9jq

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Charlie Crow Dalmatian costume (GOSH) charity collection.

We’d like to thank everyone who has ordered a Dalmatian costume from us over the last few weeks.
Together we have raised £100 charity for Great Ormond Street Hospital!

Photograph of our Dalmatian Tabard - One Size Fits All 3-9 year old

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Dalmatian update

After a little over a week our running total of Dalmatian costumes sold is at 25 thats £50 for GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital) collected so far. More than one or two have been adult costumes, at this time of year large furry Dalmatians appear at festivals across the country, keep your eyes peeled for these party pooches ;-)

Monday, 27 June 2011

£2 donate to the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity for every dalmatian sold!

We loved the Channel 4 advert with Alan Carr and we support the cause and so we are going to donate £2 for every dalmatian costume we sell between now and the end of July.  Follow us on facebook to see how much we have collected. We have Dalmatians for Mums, Dads Boys and Girls.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Brand *NEW* Charlie Crow Fairy range now launched

Why not pop over to http://www.charliecrow.com/ now and check out our beautiful new Princess Fairy range of fancy dress costumes for girls. Plus visit the home page to check out fun party planner ideas and read some of Charlies stories

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


We have launched our new exciting website of Children's fancy dress costumes today!

Why not visit and take a look around


Thursday, 8 October 2009

Charlie Crow Three times Right start winner

Our Monkey tabard and Dalmatian tabard costumes have won Best toy awards in the Right start Best Toy awards 2009. the dalmatian tabard costume won a special award "Best credit crunch breaker"

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Charlie Crow and the North Wind

Charlie Crow And The North Wind

Charlie woke up and popped his head out of the window of his tree house to see which way the wind was blowing.

Today the wind was from the North, it was strong and cold.

Charlie opened his front door and launched himself into the air, up he flew and then he saw the billowing clouds that came with the North Wind.

“Whossshhhhello hello Charlie Crowwwhhhoooossssshhhh” said the North Wind in a voice that gave Charlie goose bumps and reminded him of Winter mornings.

“Whosssshhhhh do you want to ride in my cloud with me on this fine breezy morning ?sssssshhhhooooohhhwwww”, “Oh yes please” said Charlie because he was a very polite Crow indeed and riding clouds was one of his favourite things,

“Whhhooooshhh Whoosshhhhhhop on board then” said the North Wind and puffed up some clouds for Charlie to sit on.

No sooner had Charlie Crow sat down than the cloud was rushing through the air at an amazing speed, they flew through Crow Forest and out over wide wide lake going so low as to skim the water, they flew on over Gorse Bank and the Lower Field where Charlie waved to his friend Sam, then the North Wind gathered all his energy and spun the cloud around to head for the Bright Woods, they circled the church then they flew through the village where Charlie waved at his friend Danny the Dalmation.

When they reached Charlies house again the North Wind dropped him off on the ground then shot off again waving and shouting over his shoulder “Whhhoooooossssorry Charlie Crow but there are leaves for me to blowwwwww about and umbrellas to turn inside out, goodbyeeeeeeewwhhoooosshhh”, “Goodbye, come back soon” was the answer Charlie Crow shouted as the North Wind blew away over the trees.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Charlie Crow's capes are recommended by the Good Toy Awards 2009
The story of how Charlie Crow saved Sam Straw

One of Charlie Crows best friends is Sam Straw the Scarecrow, this may seem a little strange as scarecrows are supposed to scare crows away, but Sam doesn’t enjoy doing this and Charlie is an exceptionally brave crow so they became good friends.

The two friends enjoy talking about their adventures, Charlie tells Sam about the winds and all things to do with the sky and Sam tells Charlie about his adventures on his walks through the country side.

One day as Charlie Crow was flying over the Wide Lake he thought he would visit Sam to see how he was doing. As Charlie flew closer to the Lower Field he looked for Sam in his usual place but couldn’t see him anywhere, “That’s unusual” thought Charlie, “Sam never leaves his field unattended in the day”, so he began to search all over the field for his friend.

Charlie looked by the hedges, in between the crops and even round the barns and the farmhouse but he couldn’t see Sam anywhere.

Just as he was giving up hope of finding his friend Charlie heard a voice crying “Charlie, Charlie help me, I’m up here in the Oak Tree”, Charlie Crow peered up through the leaves and sure enough there was Sam laying flat against one of the branches trying to keep his balance so as not to fall off.

“Sam ?, I never thought of you as the tree climbing type” said Charlie, “I’m not” came the reply “The North Wind blew past at such a speed this morning that I got blown up into this tree, will you help me get down ?”, “Of course I will Sam” and without another word Charlie set off for the Farmhouse to get a ladder and within no time Sam was back to his rightful1 place in the field.

“Thank you Charlie Crow” said Sam once he’d calmed down after his ordeal, “I think I would have been stuck up that tree till it fell down if you hadn’t have saved me”, then the two friends settled down and talked late into the afternoon of their adventure that day.

Visit the Charlie Crow website for more of his exciting adventures

ernest the urchin victorian boy costume

A great victorian dickensian costume. Ideal for Oliver Twist and other historical role play. Book week costume character Bert from Mary Poppins. Our children’s fancy dress costumes are designed for KS2 & KS1(key stage one and keystage two) Our Victorian costumes for kids can be used for KS2 costume role-play activities. Our children’s dressing up outfits can be used as part of a storyline to cover the national curriculum and help to give an insight into the lives of children from different social backgrounds in Victorian times. They can be used for school book week or book day